Which do you prefer, the Notebook Computer or the Netbook?

First it was the desktop PC, then the Laptop, next the Notebook and thereafter the Netbook. So what do all these computers have in common and more specifically what if any are the differences in these computers? Let’s leave the desktop and the laptop aside for now because this is one topic that has been thrashed around for a long time. The introduction of the Notebook Computer and the netbook are comparatively new and as such most people and especially new users become a little puzzled as to which they should choose providing they need a portable computer.

The primary difference can be said is the size because the netbook is even smaller and lighter than the Notebook computer. The common factor is that they are both laptop computers but with smaller screens in various degrees.  When the netbook was first introduced it came with a screen as small as 7” but most of these now have 10” to 12” screen making them very much similar to the notebook computer in many ways.  This was mostly due to the 7” screen being ultra small making it difficult for many people to read the contents even at close quarters. The Netbook also comes with a very small keyboard that makes it hard to type without striking two or three keys at the same time unless the user has very small fingers.

Having very small keys makes you prone to making typing errors more often than not, especially when you type fast and for this reasons many people avoid using the netbook for preparing documents although it’s quite good for surfing the web and chatting with friends.  Another disadvantage for some people is the lack of a CD-Rom which for many doesn’t matter much because the netbook is mostly used when they are out and about.  But they do have a better choice in operating systems and although initially they came out only with versions of Linux, today’s netbook   can be purchase with Windows 7 or XP.

The notebook computer is also portable and the same as the laptop or netbook and in between the two as afar as size is concerned. It comes with a screen that is smaller than the laptop but bigger than the netbook making it the ideal size for functionality and portability.  The notebook computer also has a keyboard with keys that are more user friendly than the micro netbook   keys and instead of the ubiquitous mouse; it comes with a trackpad that some people takes time getting used to.

One of the biggest benefits of the notebook computer is its long battery life which makes it the ideal computer to take with you on trips where you won’t be easily able to get the battery charged.  Having multiple USB ports also allow users to connect various devices such as a flash drive, memory card reader or even headphones and mikes to enable the use of applications like Skype.  They perform at very high speed   and can be connected to a TV set if the need arises. The notebook computer consists of networking jacks or come with Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to share a home or office network from wherever you are.


Moving to France? You’d better get ready to apply for your Carte Grise on arrival

If you have been inquiring about buying or selling a car in France, you will no doubt have heard the word mentioned many times during the conversation. Without the all important carte grise or vehicle registration document  there’s no way you can drive, or sell   a vehicle on French soil and the reason why its considered the most important document required for the process.  At the same time, it’s in your interest to know that you should never buy a car unless the owner is able to submit his carte grise for your inspection because you’re going to need this to register the vehicle in your name.

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France is a country that’s chock a block with bureaucracy and unless you have all the paper work in pristine order, you will not be able to get any work done.  If you’re planning to move to France or live there for more than 6 months, its best that you learn all the rules and regulations of driving in France because the French police is very particular about foreigners driving on their roads and polluting the environment. They can pull you up for the slightest reason and not having the carte grise with you will not be considered a minor reason whatsoever.

The French vehicle registration certificate among other information will contain the registration number of the vehicle, name and address of owner, vehicle details such as the year of manufacture, chassis number etc. and that it conforms to European standards.  Once in France, you will realize that you must have a car to see all those scenic places and idyllic villages in the countryside, but never ever get caught without the carte grise because you will not only be fined heavily but also remanded without any excuse being acceptable.

If you bring your used car from the country you have been living in, you will only realize once you get into France that it would have been better to part with it before setting foot in France and buy a new or used car from within the country. This is mainly because of the complex procedure and the various documents you will be expected to produce when applying for a new registration for the imported vehicle. Apart from your old certificate of registration, you will also have to produce a letter from the manufacturer confirming that your vehicle is good enough to be used on French roads.

Among other documents you need are  your passport, and utility bill to attest to your residency on French soil and a certificate from a testing station of which there are many in the country, to the affect that the vehicle concerned meets the technical specifications as per the country’s regulations.  Be warned that you will have just one month after your arrival in Franceto get your carte grise after which you will not be allowed to drive with your old license plates.  Once you have all the documents in hand, you can send it by post or hand them over to the local prefecture for processing. If everything is in order, you will receive your carte grise within 4 to 5 days so that you can go ahead with the preparation of your license plates giving you full authority to drive on French roads.



Why everyone prefer the laser printer and its toner refill

The latest in laser printers do have the most innovative and sophisticated technologies in them which is one reason for most corporate establishments to go for the laser printer in a big way. They can be quite expensive as well and not needing any ink cartridges to keep the printers working is even more of a plus point when to come to buying a new printer. This however doesn’t mean that every home user or small time businessman has to invest in one of these high end printers, because there are many smaller modes that are not expensive at all and performs well in terms of speed and functionality.

The laser printer use a laser toner instead of ink which means there’s no issues of  ink drying out as it happens with the inkjet printer and its printer ink.  The laser toner lasts for a very long time which means you can leave the machine unused for a considerable time period and find that it’s usable even after that with no problems regarding the quality of printing.  Unlike the inkjet printer where manufacturers tend to make more money on the ink cartridges than on the printers they sell, the laser printer is very   different because even though you pay a lot for a quality printer, toner cartridges can be used for a long time and even upto 10,000 pages per cartridge making the overall cost a fraction of what you have to pay for other types of printers.

Another advantage of the laser printer is its waterproof qualities and smudge proof features that are capable of providing pristine clear print outs every time.  It’s also great for printing text and for any company that requires a large volume of printing done such as reports, tender documents and books printed; this is the best printer available in the market because of its speedy performance. Instead of typing a character at a time or line by line, a laser printer can finish printing an entire page in the blink of an eye making it the fastest printer available at present.

Using printer toner also helps prevent wastage of ink which is something that happens constantly in the inkjet printer.  In the past, laser toner used to come in bottles whereas today they are available in cartridge form that will last for a very long time depending on the amount of printing you do, but at least for around 8,000 to 10,000 pages per cartridge or even more. The toner you buy has to be compatible with your printer and is not as expensive as the ink cartridges. They can also be refilled and the present day toner refill is pretty impressive since its quality is as good as that of an original toner cartridge.

What’s even better is that you don’t always have to use the exact brand of the toner refill of your printer type to obtain high quality prints, because there are many companies that produce compatible toner refills for any type of printer today. A toner refill is basically a powdery kind of substance that is mostly used in the laser printer and using refilled toners is economically sounder than buying an expensive original without sacrificing the quality of printing.  A laser toner cartridge can be refilled up to four times before it has to be thrown away and it is possible to save even more if you can do the toner refill job by yourself.



Gaming consoles to enhance your jeux occasion

Almost three decades have passed since the very first video gaming console was created but the popularity of gaming through the use of various consoles has been increasing down the years. With the announcement of each new system, the anticipation of gamers grow sky high and so far no one has been disappointed by what they have been offered by the various manufacturers.

In fact, each gaming console has brought in something new for the gamer to exclaim at, play and enjoy, with their one and only aim being to make use of their jeux occasion as much as possible. Not only have these consoles become technically superior every time something new comes in to the market, even the games have seen a new level of expertise with marvelous graphics and sound effects that have been able to rise the level of playing video games to another level.

What we call   the next generation of gaming consoles have been built with larger hard drive capacity, blu ray technology, multiplayer gaming facilities, High definition displays, ability to watch movies and exciting features such as live chat sessions, live messaging etc. all of which have made gaming even more popular today than it ever was. While there’s no doubt that the quality of jeux occasion has gone up considerably, there’s still a category of people who are not able to buy a video game let alone a console in view of the high price tags they come with.

It is however possible for every gamer who wants to enjoy his jeux occasion to buy his own console be it the Xbox 360 or the latest PS3 if he can carry out some research online and do a few Google searches to look for discount games and consoles that are from time to time sold in web stores. There are many sites that hold sales occasionally to give away such gadgets at discount prices and many gamers are able to buy their games and consoles at very much reduced prices.

Whoever is looking for cheap consoles or video games should also not forget to check eBay and Amazon that always has these devices on sale for reasonable prices. Those interested can bid on them or buy them outright at prices much lesser than they would have to pay at regular stores while used gadgets and gizmos are also freely available for anyone to bid on so that they will also be able to enjoy their jeux occasion once they have the necessary equipment and games in hand.

However, its also important to keep in mind that when you buy online its not possible for you to see if the item is damaged beyond redemption because once you pay shipping fees and gets it down even if the store in question is willing to take it back, you will still have to pay for shipping which should not be allowed to happen. While enjoying your jeux occasion to the max is one thing, you must take care not to be duped by corrupt or scam traders and therefore it’s in your best interest to buy your stuff from a reputed online store.



Differences in ink soaked ribbons and printer toner refill

Printer toner could be the most expensive item that you have to pay for in the long term once you have purchased an inkjet or laser printer for your own use.  Manufacturers of the inkjet cartridges and laser toners are making huge profits in their businesses because of the amount of ink and toner being used by customers.  Many manufacturers have even resorted to making use of technology to stop the ink from being used once it reaches a certain level forcing the consumer to buy a new printer toner. New cartridges being highly expensive and the possibility of using them long waning drastically, users have found themselves in a quandary not knowing what to do.

Since of recent however, many well known printer makers have come up with the perfect solution and that is to provide a printer toner refill for their customers which is not as expensive as an original printer toner. Many have realized today that refilling an empty toner cartridge is economically viable since they don’t have to pay as much for their printer toner while at the same time not having to sacrifice the quality of their printing.  Refilling carried out in a professional manner by well known companies take great care to ensure they do the printer toner refill job properly to ensure that quality is not sacrificed in any way.

Filling the cartridges is done in different ways with some dealers requesting the customers to bring their empty cartridges to be filled with printer toner while others are ready to supply recycled toner cartridges to customers at a very much lower price than what they would be expected to pay for a brand new toner or cartridge.  Over the years, even printer toner refill techniques have improved to a great extent as a result of which it is now possible to produce documents out of refilled cartridges that are no less inferior to those produced by original toners.

While the modern printers such as the inkjet and laser printer have to worry about toner and ink cartridges, printers of yesteryear such as the dot matrix printer had to rely on an ink soaked ribbon for their printing work.  This was the most commonly used printing device used during the 70’s and 80’s and was somewhat similar to the technology used in the old fashioned typewriter.  Although most of these printers have now been replaced by the modern laser printer, there are many establishments that still use their dot matrix printer mostly because of its capacity to print multi part documents which is something you never come across in today’s printers.

Like I said before, the dot matrix printer has a similar action to that of the typewriter, but unlike the typewriter the dot matrix does not have fixed characters or fonts. Its printing technique involves creating characters on the paper by pins striking on the ribbon which forms the character or font by the grouping of a series of dots together. You can see this type of printing on the older type of printouts that gives a dotted appearance to the characters that at times are difficult to read. The dot matrix printer   tends to be rather noisy when compared to the present day silent printers and as such is slowly but surely vanishing from the scene.